HG(Huub) van der Zee, born april 28 1952 in The Hague (Holland) Now living in Deil (Holland)

I first came in contact with digital photography about 9 years ago. In the past I used to make the occasional snapshots when i went on a holiday. During the following years i did not do much with photography. But when i bought my first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix), i became hooked on the "photography virus".

Photography became a serious hobby. Because i work in ICT, there soon was a link between saving the rapidly growing number of pictures and the maintenance and organizing of all those files on my computer.

Because of my work as a programmer, I had knowledge of automation, but maintaining a website, or even building one, was not an issue at that time. That was a "different kind of sport" . But uploading a photoalbum on for instance Picasa or Flickr to share my pictures with others gave me no satisfaction.

As of that moment I wanted to build and maintain my own website. By reading a lot and following a course and after publishing some "trials", I finally have my own website with a look and feel that I like. In the future I could get other ideas about for instance the lay-out, but up till now I am satisfied with the result. Besides photography the building and maintaining of websites became a second hobby.

My favorite subjects are Landscapes and Cities. Besides that I am trying Flora and Fauna as a subject. I think of myself as a bad "peoples photographer". But maybe it is a good thing to try to do someting about that.

This website is build with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. For adjusting the pictures I use Photoshop CS5. Up till now I use Photoshop only to adjust the size of my photos and to take parts of pictures that I can use on my website. So all the pictures on this website are not adjusted. They are shown as the were made. For saving, ordering and maintaining my pictures I use the Apple Application Aperture 3.0. With this application I also made all the webalbums that can be found on the Portfolio page. When you want information about the camera and the lenses I use see Equipment.

But as a photographer and a webdesigner I still am an amateur. If you want to leave some tips and want to make comments on this site you can go to the page Contact and email me.