Welcome to this site.

With this site I am trying to share my passion for photography with all those passionate amateur photographers, who just like me expirience a lot of pleasure with this beautiful hobby. I am talking about amateur photographers because I am not pretending to be a professional.

For good landscape photography in my opinion you need 3 things: composition, timing and light. I believe that the last ingredient, light, is the most influential factor for the final result. My favorite country Italy, and especially the region to the south of Siena, better known as the Crete Senesi, is a challence to the patience of the photographer and to his creative abbility. The landscpae plays with you, challenges you with beautiful light, and especially in the early morning magical moments are gone before you realize it. But also in Holland there are lots of areas and regions, where as a photographer you will find inspiration for a great series of photos.

Beside landscapes I also take a great interest in historical cities wich have a rich past and historical buildings. As Italy is my favorite country you will find on this site a great number of photos from this beautiful country. For instance photos of Rome, Padova, Vicenca and the in my opinion most beautiful city in the world, Venice.
Of course my home country Holland is not forgotten, because as I mentioned before my own country has also some very beautiful regions and places of interest. Have fun clicking around this site and if you want to comment on my pictures or if you have any questions go to the page Contact.

On the page Favorites you will find some of my favorite photos. This is my own interpretation of what I find my best pictures. On the page Equipment you will find information about the equipment i Use. About me tells some things about myself and my background and what drove me to develop fotography as a hobby. You also find information about my second hobby, the design and maintenance of this website. Through Links you will find websites of photographers who's work I admire. Also you find links to websites containing just information and beautiful pictures. If you want to contact me or just ask me something and also if you want to give me tips and hopefuly some good critics you go to Contact.

And then there is Portfolio. Following this choice you will find a great number of webjournals, with a selection of a great number of photos I made through the years. The "old" photos made for example in France in 2005 and 2006, are made with my first 8 megapixel Nikon Coolpix camera. The photos made from 2007 until now are made with the Canon EOS 350D or the Canon EOS 400D